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Main Street, Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland, Rare Photo Waterford, Old  Photo, Old Image, Old Picture,

The found that the defenition of Digital cultural heritage is essentially the documenting of culture and heritage. It is infact the finding of the best possible way to digitise a historic artefact or site in a modern and accessible way. It is not easy to do this as the way it is presented and displayed is incredibly important. Making an artefact/ site or object of that nature is a hard task because you have to capture the essence of it but also make it accessible and attractive to look at. An example of this is attached above. I came across this picture of Dungarvan, Co Waterford of the Main Street in around the 1930’s and by looking at this picture i noticed how raw the moment has been captured but also how not much of the original lay out has changed as the building in the far distance of the picture is still too this day in the town and is being used as a holding of artefacts itself. 

By researving this topic i have noticed how it made quite an impact on me because Dungarvan is a place i am so familiar with, but it was like it was from a different universe. I went and stood, roughly, where I thought the picture was taken. It showed me just how much of a difference 91 years can make, as the are is now incredibly busy, and this view is now dominated by a flyover for cars, and multiple shops on each side of the street that are covered in a ray or vibrant colours.

Overall it gave me a new perspective on how I see places. To pass this normal area nearly everyday and seeing the image just showed me how much things have changed in generally a short period of time when you think about all of time. It’s incredibly difficult to  make people feel nostalgic or reminiscent by just showing them what things were like before you were there. I would never have seen this image if it hadn’t became digital. That’s why doing this is so important and why it’s so great for this generation, to show people what things were like and capturing those moments. This made a significant impact on me because of the way it made me feel about how much we have advanced but also have not completely changed certain bulidings such as ” The Old Market House Art Centre”. 

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