Portfolio #4

From watching Eli’s TED talk i noticed that i have the perception that when it comes to information on the internet we need to be remember it is not an all – knowning source or being that we can always depend on and beasue of this there needs to be a base line of respect between corporations and goverements. 

By watching this talk and reviewing the principles, it has given me a new perspective at how to think about the interent and how we use it.  Eli Pariser briefly analyzed the interent and how it comes to work. He gave a vivid explanation of how companies such as Google and Microsoft have an excess amount of power over what we as consumers are allowed too see.

Throughout Eli’s talk he mentioned filter bubbles which, before watching this talk i had not heared of nor thought about before. This essentially means that everyone on the internet has their own unique universe of information online. It consists of who you are and what you like. In my opinion the main point that I took  Eli makes in my opinion is that we don’t have control over what is inside our filter bubbles and we don’t see what gets edited out of the filter bubble. Honestly the thought of this had never crossed my mind before but it has definitely given me a new perspective.

Principles 5 and 8 work well together, 5 looks into the individuals privacy rights and that corporate bodies should be accountable for any deviation from best practice. 8 builds on this and will not work unless principle 5 is adhered to. 5 is more about data while 8 seems to be about the rights and security of the person.

The main point I took away from watching this Ted talk is that we as people all have a responsibility when it comes to the Web and the information it contains and that there isn’t anyone who is excluded from these assigned responsibility.

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