Portfolio #2

From watching this documentary i have noticed that it has had a cignificant impact on me, as it cleverly represents what the interent is capable of doing, and how powerful people have the capability of deciding what can be stopped. 

At the beginning of watching this documentry i had never have heard of Aaron Swartz as like most people of my age. I myslef found it to be a very enlightening film. It shows the power and impact that one individual can have on the world. Aaron Schwartz’s moral compass didn’t allow him to live in a world where he could find something he believed to be unjust, if he felt he could change it for the better. I found the way he urges the world to question everything we hear really inspiring,

Aaron Swartz was a gifted kid, who saw what could be done, and was driven to make it happen. The film makes it seem like he is some christ-like figure towards the people, someone gifted with knowledge of the New World of Computing, and the sense to navigate the Old World of Politics. 

My perspective on what was presented in the documentary is that both the government and major corporations are in a metaphorical battle with one another and due to this uncontrollability of the internet, governments are attempting to use any means they can to tighten the leash on those who use it by creating legislation that steps on freedoms and basic functions

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