Digital Artifact Creation

At the beginning of watching ‘ The internets own boy ‘ I had never heard of Aaron Swartz before. While watching the film i was able too see that it brilliantly depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer, and Internet activist Aaron Swartz.

Aaron Swartz was a young prodigy. From a very young age, he had an advanced ability to learn new things. For example at a young age he began reading and then started learning algebra at an age that most people wouldn’t think of doing. It was a very strong film in that he refused to just follow rules he felt were ‘unjust’ or he didn’t believe in. As i have grown up with internet being everything, I didn’t really ever realize how the internet came to be nor every really thought about how it essentially works. Being the co-founder of Reddit ( a social news aggregation ), Aaron really wanted the internet to be a knowledge and community base area. He believed the access for information and knowledge was a right and not just an honour. The internet at the time wasn’t this community and knowledge base site that Aaron had wish and wanted it too be but now it has been able to progress and grow immensely and allow this dream to become a reality.

Overall this film uniquely depicts the story of Aaron Swartz and brilliantly shows us how much of the technology and platforms we have today are being taken for granted and that we should educate ourselves and eachother of the prosses, passion and dedication that went into our everyday lives. This movie cleverly shows the impact and potential that one single human being can depict on the world of billions of people.

i decided to research into this topic because with being an IT student myself i found it too be nessesary for me to know but also acknowledge the processes that went into me being able to do what i am able to do today which is use technolgy and the internet freely. It was inspiring to watch Aaron stand up for what he believed in. . He didn’t care what the rules were and truly followed what was in his heart. Having information to be freely accessed will allow the world to develop exponentially and that’s a beautiful thing.

i decided to do this assignment as a text based submition as i felt that reading the steps and dedication that went into the freedom that we have today would be more memorable

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